Kasina Professional

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Kasina came out with Tapered ends lashes in most natural look Tapered ends means it has sharpened ends. No one else has it. So it makes you look more natural than any others with Kasina. Be Kasina Pro.

Rada Beaute: Luxury Lashes

who we are

Set of handcrafted silk and mink lashes, suitable for every eye shape, lifestyle and makeup look. Vegan friendly, ophthalmologist, and dermatologist tested, latex free, cruelty free. Made from synthetic fibres and a cotton blend.

Whether you’re a lucky bride to be or have an exciting date, we have curated the highest quality products inspired by our desire to create beautiful looks for anyone, for any occasion. At Rada Beaute, our mission is to be bold, to be beautiful, and to do it with passion and confidence.